Hearts on Fire®

Hearts on Fire goes above and beyond in every step of the diamond making process, from its earthly source to its breathtaking, brilliant finale.

It starts by choosing only the top 1% of the world’s raw diamonds. They then entrust those diamonds to an elite group of craftsman who cut and polish the diamonds at 100X magnification – 10 times the industry standard – to give Hearts on Fire diamonds the ultimate brilliance and intensity. This technique creates an extraordinary expression of emotion and perfection like no other diamond.

Cut, color, clarity and carat weight – these are the 4C’s traditionally used to determine a diamond’s value. The value of Hearts on Fire diamonds goes well beyond these conventional standards. Because Hearts on Fire master craftsmen excel at the most important of these four – the cut of the gem – Hearts on Fire assures you an exceptional diamond.

First and foremost, we believe a diamond’s true beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. To truly appreciate the value of any diamond, we invite you to stop by our store and see first-hand why they call it, The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond®.

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Eddie Sakamoto

Award Winning Designs by Eddie Sakamoto

Eddie Sakamoto, a third generation Japanese-American, was trained in graphic design and had a great interest in architecture and industrial design. However, after a five year employment with a prominent jewelry designer, he began to see jewelry as an alternate means of design expression. Aspiring to present his ideas to a larger audience, Sakamoto moved to Los Angeles in 1979 and created his own jewelry design company, Concept 1 – Sakamoto.

Sakamoto describes himself as a minimalist, “My collections are partly sculptural and architectural in nature and, in either case, I like to keep the forms as simple as possible“. He adopted the challenge to create jewelry where less is more, showing discipline to avoid ideas that are mostly decorative or ornamental in nature. As in many Japanese art forms, negative space plays a leading role in defining his designs. Platinum and 18KT yellow gold take on strong sensual shapes. They curve and bend and arc gracefully. They are feminine and masculine in form, the yin/yang.

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Judith Conway

Subtle and refined bridal jewelry

Judith Conway began her love of designing diamond and bridal jewelry nearly three decades ago. It has led her to the cutting edge of this industry. Recognizing a need for finer and more original designs than was available, she launched her own company in 1994. “I always felt there was a need for diamond and bridal merchandise that was designer oriented and more individualistic,” she says. She was awarded the prestigious title of “Designer of the Year” by the WJA in 1998.

One of the first designers to embrace the use of platinum, Ms. Conway uniquely combines this rare metal with the warmth of eighteen karat yellow or rose gold and quality diamonds. Platinum is the finest metal to set precious stones, to work with, and when properly polished, the luster will last longer than any other metal. Another reason to use Platinum is that it is hypo-allergenic – eliminating skin reactions that can irritate skin and create black coloring. Judith Conway designs use only diamonds with the finest cuts, clarity, and color.

All designs are original and a signed Certificate of Authenticity is available upon request.

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Wedding Bands

We here at E.R. Sawyer know that sometimes men get the short end of the deal when it comes to their wedding band. Somehow the bride always seems to get all of the selection! We believe that we have an amazing assortment of bands to fit every need and sense of style. Whether you are interested in titanium or tungsten, gold or platinum, simple or diamond filled… we can show you many styles and options. Come see us and we can find you the ring that you really do want to wear every day!

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