Jewelers Petaluma

Jewelers PetalumaFinding jewelers in the Petaluma area that you can rely on to bring out the best in your fine jewelry shopping experience can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to begin. E. R. Sawyer’s Jewelers is here to help guide you on the right track when it comes to working with a business that cares deeply about both fine jewelry and customer satisfaction. We have spent the decades since we were founded ensuring that we always prioritize reliability and quality assurance in our work and sales. Our selection of fine jewelry is stunning and unique, and we feature collections specifically selected for their assurance to craftsmanship and expression in design. Our widely experienced and dedicated staff can help you find the perfect piece of fine jewelry for any occasion. We also take advantage of our staff’s wide range of specialties and offer jewelry repair on even the most delicate of pieces, ensuring that the repairs will last and your jewelry can see a new day. In addition to our other services, we work with a Certified Gem Appraiser who runs an Accredited Gem Lab (certified by the American Gem Society) on our company’s site to provide state-of-the-art jewelry appraisals. We certify your piece for its absolute highest value, because our focus is in customer loyalty. We stand out amongst jewelers in Petaluma because of our deep commitment to building relationships and trust with our customers.

With a storefront in the downtown community of Santa Rosa, we already know as a business how to make our customers happy. We specialize in fulfilling all of your needs, from jewelry repair of your most treasured items to the purchasing of something new and perfect. If you’re looking for jewelers in Petaluma you can trust implicitly with your business, we hope you’ll look no further than us. We’re here to ensure that our work with jewelry is as quality as the pieces themselves.

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