Reflect the Special Moments In Your Life

We have an exciting collection of Luvente pieces at E.R. Sawyer Jewelers, all created to reflect the special moments of celebration in your life. Luvente Jewelry is designed and crafted with precision by artisans, and it shows in each finely made, beautiful piece. If you’re shopping for a gift to celebrate a special occasion, there is no more luxurious, lasting choice than one of these fine gems. Come see the luvente collection in person, because it’s truly the best way to see the beauty in the details of it. You already know that stones take on different qualities when view in different lights; it’s one of the exciting things about owning a piece of fine jewelry. You get to learn about all the different facets of a single, unique object. As true pieces of art, they can be appreciated in new ways all the time, and we know you’ll enjoy discovering all those ways. When you wear one of our Luvente rings, you’ll feel that excitement anew as you experience the beauty of the piece as it fits into your own life.

Full Suite of Jeweler Services Available

Celebrate a milestone in the life of a loved one with a gift of a piece of the Luvente collection. Modern and exciting, luxe and sophisticated, Luvente Jewelry is sure to thrill anyone with the perfect accent to her style. We’re excited to stock this forward-thinking collection, and we invite you to come see it for yourself in our Santa Rosa store. Our friendly, knowledgeable sales associates would love to guide you on your path to the perfect piece for you. Bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings—in imaginative shapes and hues that will excite the eye and ensnare the heart. These are the statement pieces that someone will treasure for the rest of their life, as the jewelry ages along with them, taking on new dimensions in the changing years. Visit E.R. Sawyer for the Luvente collection and a full suite of jeweler services, like appraisals, restorations, and jewelry design.

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