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Went in hoping to find out a little more about a pocket watch that we inherited. The gentlemen was very kind to actually open it up and see if the inside of the back had any markings to tell what type of metal it was and what to properly clean it with.

He was impressed the inside was impeccably clean. It had been in a display case but worked beautifully.

Found out it was no metal of significant value and even gave me a polishing cloth to clean it with.

Although we didn’t purchase anything their customer service was on point as if we were making a large purchase.

Will consider them in the future of our jewelry needs.

Danielle F. – Santa Rosa, CA

Almost went with an online company but, the customer service and overall experience here was amazing.

Had a custom ring made for my girlfriend, now fiancée, and she loves it. Better than she was expecting me to do I think

Would definitely recommend, ask for Morgan.

Holland L. – Hidden Valley Lake, CA

7/27/2017 – I came in at the last minute to see if I could get our wedding rings cleaned and polished before our ceremony (in 2 days!) and Leslie was so helpful and put a rush on our rings (no extra charge!) and when I saw them the day of the wedding, they were SO BEAUTIFUL. They all looked better than I remember when we first got them! Absolutely will come back here for any ring or jewelry services.

Thank you Leslie!

Rachelle P. – San Francisco, CA

5/13/17 – Leslie and the team at ER Sawyer go above and beyond in all aspects of customer service and experience.  My husband selected a family heirloom ring to propose, but it needed a new diamond and some serious cleaning/restoring. He took it to ER Sawyer and they made it look like a brand new ring – the before and after photos they have on file are jaw dropping (I love that they could show me a before pic, once I had it on my finger).

Unfortunately, my ring size wasn’t known and it was made a few sizes too big, so I went in a few times to get it sized back down.  Since the filigree on my ring is so small and detailed, Leslie took the time to show me under the microscope all of it’s beauty and rarity.  Being a platinum antique ring, they ensured me that their goldsmith would use advanced laser technology and explained the techniques, so I wouldn’t worry so much about damaging the ring. Both Leslie and Morgan were very helpful during this process.
When it came time to pick out a wedding band for my husband and myself, Leslie spent time with each of us to find out what we wanted, show us examples to try on and answered all of our questions.  We never felt rushed.  Leslie also made herself available via email for me to schedule drop-in times and order details.  Payments were super easy and accommodating and included cleanings for my ring have always been quick and wonderful.

My husband loves wearing his new wedding band and I love my combo of my engagement ring with the new custom made wedding band.  We are so grateful and pleased with our experiences here at ER Sawyer!

Tiffany G. – Sonoma, CA

4/22/17 – So happy with this place! One of my best friend’s mother, who’s lived here all her life – and she just turned 94, still sharp as a tack – recommended them to me. Morgan Griswold, with whom I worked with to evaluate whether certain items were worthy of repair, appraisals, whatever, is very savvy and cordial. Looks young, but is quite experienced in the business. I would imagine that in a rather small town, now much larger than when I went to high school here in the ’60’s, reputation is key – and that has allowed this place to survive and thrive.

Mara B. – Santa Rosa, CA

4/29/17 – Went in for some earrings for the lady for her birthday. Staff was first class, made some very helpful suggestions and gave me a huge range of options. Got a great diamond set of earrings at a good price. Very good at what they do.

Don B. – Petaluma, CA

3/27/17 – It’s great to see an old school business doing well. We wanted a mokume gane ring to match mine from many years ago. As it turned out, he is the only distributor in the area, after picking it up from where I got my ring. The work is beautiful, the owner is friendly and straightforward.

Dorothy F. – Santa Rosa, CA

3/18/17 – I dropped off my girlfriends diamond ring to have it resized and to get an appraisal for insurance purposes. The ring and appraisal were ready by the due date. The work is excellent and the appraisal of the diamond ring’s value exceeded what I paid for it. The staff also verified the inscription on the girdle matched my GIA cert. for no charge. Will definitely return.

Dana H. – Santa Rosa, CA

3/5/17 – This place is awesome. Superior customer service!!!!!! Check it out, I had a very very tiny electrical circuit board for my business that needed to be reinserted back into a hinge. It could only be accessed and repaired with watchmaker tools and optics. So I searched the internet for a Santa Rosa jeweler who would help me. Most calls turned up nothing because people said they would only work on jewelry. But ER Sawyer was more than eager to take a crack at it. I brought in the electronics and they jumped right into it like old pros. “Ah ha, here’s the problem right here.” The let me look through the jeweler’s loop to see how they were going to fix it. Then, they solved it and I was on my way. They were SOOOOOOO nice and welcoming and I was delighted to have the repair done. I would recommend them to anyone. Oh, and they charged me a super affordable price that I was more than happy with. Go there and be happy!

Kirk D. – Sebastopol, CA

12/25/16 – I needed to get my great grandmother’s engagement ring sized to fit me. I should preface this by saying that I was incredibly nervous for anyone to mess with this ring because of how old it is and how important it is to me. I saw glowing reviews for ER Sawyer so called and the woman on the phone said they could have it back to me before Christmas (a three day turnaround) and that depending on the ring, it would cost $60-80. I showed up on Wednesday morning and Richie helped me- he was so nice and helpful- quoted me within the cost I was told over the phone and he also showed me my ring up close and talked about its qualities. They said my ring would be ready by 12pm on Christmas Eve and the call came a day early! I went by and the ring was still a little big (thanks, mom, for the honey fingers) and the owner came over and looked at it with us. He said they would have it ready by that night or the next day which was fine since I wasn’t expecting it till then anyway. My ring was ready the next morning. Merry Christmas to me because not only did it fit perfect but they “shanked” it for me because it had been wearing down under the finger. They had mentioned I may want to do that but it would be a little pricey. They just did it because I had to come back and they wanted the job done perfectly. This shop went above and beyond my expectations for sure and they were all incredibly kind. My fiancé will need his sized too and we are definitely going back.

Caitlin H. – Oakland, CA
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