Danielle F. – Santa Rosa, CA

Went in hoping to find out a little more about a pocket watch that we inherited. The gentlemen was very kind to actually open it up and see if the inside of the back had any markings to tell what type of metal it was and what to properly clean it with.

He was impressed the inside was impeccably clean. It had been in a display case but worked beautifully.

Found out it was no metal of significant value and even gave me a polishing cloth to clean it with.

Although we didn’t purchase anything their customer service was on point as if we were making a large purchase.

Will consider them in the future of our jewelry needs.

Holland L. – Hidden Valley Lake, CA

Almost went with an online company but, the customer service and overall experience here was amazing.

Had a custom ring made for my girlfriend, now fiancée, and she loves it. Better than she was expecting me to do I think

Would definitely recommend, ask for Morgan.

Rachelle P. – San Francisco, CA

7/27/2017 – I came in at the last minute to see if I could get our wedding rings cleaned and polished before our ceremony (in 2 days!) and Leslie was so helpful and put a rush on our rings (no extra charge!) and when I saw them the day of the wedding, they were SO BEAUTIFUL. They all looked better than I remember when we first got them! Absolutely will come back here for any ring or jewelry services.

Thank you Leslie!

Tiffany G. – Sonoma, CA

5/13/17 – Leslie and the team at ER Sawyer go above and beyond in all aspects of customer service and experience.  My husband selected a family heirloom ring to propose, but it needed a new diamond and some serious cleaning/restoring. He took it to ER Sawyer and they made it look like a brand new ring – the before and after photos they have on file are jaw dropping (I love that they could show me a before pic, once I had it on my finger).

Unfortunately, my ring size wasn’t known and it was made a few sizes too big, so I went in a few times to get it sized back down.  Since the filigree on my ring is so small and detailed, Leslie took the time to show me under the microscope all of it’s beauty and rarity.  Being a platinum antique ring, they ensured me that their goldsmith would use advanced laser technology and explained the techniques, so I wouldn’t worry so much about damaging the ring. Both Leslie and Morgan were very helpful during this process.
When it came time to pick out a wedding band for my husband and myself, Leslie spent time with each of us to find out what we wanted, show us examples to try on and answered all of our questions.  We never felt rushed.  Leslie also made herself available via email for me to schedule drop-in times and order details.  Payments were super easy and accommodating and included cleanings for my ring have always been quick and wonderful.

My husband loves wearing his new wedding band and I love my combo of my engagement ring with the new custom made wedding band.  We are so grateful and pleased with our experiences here at ER Sawyer!

Mara B. – Santa Rosa, CA

4/22/17 – So happy with this place! One of my best friend’s mother, who’s lived here all her life – and she just turned 94, still sharp as a tack – recommended them to me. Morgan Griswold, with whom I worked with to evaluate whether certain items were worthy of repair, appraisals, whatever, is very savvy and cordial. Looks young, but is quite experienced in the business. I would imagine that in a rather small town, now much larger than when I went to high school here in the ’60’s, reputation is key – and that has allowed this place to survive and thrive.

Don B. – Petaluma, CA

4/29/17 – Went in for some earrings for the lady for her birthday. Staff was first class, made some very helpful suggestions and gave me a huge range of options. Got a great diamond set of earrings at a good price. Very good at what they do.

Dorothy F. – Santa Rosa, CA

3/27/17 – It’s great to see an old school business doing well. We wanted a mokume gane ring to match mine from many years ago. As it turned out, he is the only distributor in the area, after picking it up from where I got my ring. The work is beautiful, the owner is friendly and straightforward.

Dana H. – Santa Rosa, CA

3/18/17 – I dropped off my girlfriends diamond ring to have it resized and to get an appraisal for insurance purposes. The ring and appraisal were ready by the due date. The work is excellent and the appraisal of the diamond ring’s value exceeded what I paid for it. The staff also verified the inscription on the girdle matched my GIA cert. for no charge. Will definitely return.

Kirk D. – Sebastopol, CA

3/5/17 – This place is awesome. Superior customer service!!!!!! Check it out, I had a very very tiny electrical circuit board for my business that needed to be reinserted back into a hinge. It could only be accessed and repaired with watchmaker tools and optics. So I searched the internet for a Santa Rosa jeweler who would help me. Most calls turned up nothing because people said they would only work on jewelry. But ER Sawyer was more than eager to take a crack at it. I brought in the electronics and they jumped right into it like old pros. “Ah ha, here’s the problem right here.” The let me look through the jeweler’s loop to see how they were going to fix it. Then, they solved it and I was on my way. They were SOOOOOOO nice and welcoming and I was delighted to have the repair done. I would recommend them to anyone. Oh, and they charged me a super affordable price that I was more than happy with. Go there and be happy!

Caitlin H. – Oakland, CA

12/25/16 – I needed to get my great grandmother’s engagement ring sized to fit me. I should preface this by saying that I was incredibly nervous for anyone to mess with this ring because of how old it is and how important it is to me. I saw glowing reviews for ER Sawyer so called and the woman on the phone said they could have it back to me before Christmas (a three day turnaround) and that depending on the ring, it would cost $60-80. I showed up on Wednesday morning and Richie helped me- he was so nice and helpful- quoted me within the cost I was told over the phone and he also showed me my ring up close and talked about its qualities. They said my ring would be ready by 12pm on Christmas Eve and the call came a day early! I went by and the ring was still a little big (thanks, mom, for the honey fingers) and the owner came over and looked at it with us. He said they would have it ready by that night or the next day which was fine since I wasn’t expecting it till then anyway. My ring was ready the next morning. Merry Christmas to me because not only did it fit perfect but they “shanked” it for me because it had been wearing down under the finger. They had mentioned I may want to do that but it would be a little pricey. They just did it because I had to come back and they wanted the job done perfectly. This shop went above and beyond my expectations for sure and they were all incredibly kind. My fiancé will need his sized too and we are definitely going back. 🙂

Heather L. – Santa Rosa, CA

11/12/16 – I worked with Starla from beginning to end and was blown away by the stellar customer service. I didn’t really know what I was looking for and after chatting with her decided to go custom and make something totally my own! It was lovely looking at all of the beautiful shiny on display while we worked with ideas. My budget wasn’t huge at all but Starla was super helpful with suggestions and ways to make my ring everything I hoped. I will look forward to working with this jeweler again! Thank you so much.

Lee B. – Santa Rosa, CA

11/29/16 –  Love them!!  Selection is great. Personnel is helpful courteous and kind, repairs are quick and easy. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for jewelry.

Tom S. – Kenwood, CA

7/30/16 – Hometown business since the 1870’s.  Top notch customer service.  Selection of jewelry is not big city tremendous.  And the styles tend towards middle of the road.  There’s no big inventory of cutting edge wacky ultra-modern designs here.  What they carry is good quality at fair prices.

Bambie, the spouse, purchased a $1000 ring that she wore for just 24 hours when she decided that it was not comfortable.  We returned, explained the discontent and our money was promptly refunded.   There was nothing else in the display cases of similar style that called out.  The search for a topaz & diamond ring continues.

Highly recommended on the strength of the wonderful employees.

Stephanie G. – Petaluma, CA

6/28/16 – Classy, Personal and Efficient are all words that describe ER Sawyer Jewelers.

My mother-in-law recommended this local shop to my sweet husband for my engagement ring. My husband told me that Leslie worked so well with them. She helped them find the perfect ring to match with the grandmother’s ring that I was also getting. Leslie even texted my husband in the winter months to make sure that the ring was still fitting. I love the thoughtfulness and personal touch of this kind deed.

When I took my rings in to get cleaned and soldered before the wedding, Leslie was so sweet and helpful. You can tell that she enjoys her job and getting to know her customers. When I picked up my ring after it was soldered together, she mentioned that she wanted to see wedding pictures next time that I was in. So almost 1 year later, I went to get our rings cleaned for our 1 year anniversary and I brought my wedding album to show her. She happily stopped her work to sit with me and to genuinely enjoy the album. I am grateful that my husband chose my ring from this shop.

P.S. (If you do go in and Leslie is helping someone else, she might not greet you until she is done with her current customers, but that’s because she gives 100% attention and love to the customers that she is working with in that moment). I am thankful for her great customer service.

Breauna C. – Sebastopol, CA

2/5/16 – If I could give ER Sawyer 6 stars I would!! Leslie Griswold is wonderful!! I don’t know full details of the engagement ring process, but Leslie and my fiance (now husband) went above and beyond choosing the perfect diamond and custom setting to surprise me with on our engagement.

Leslie makes us feel like her only customers! We chose our wedding bands with her as well. She even text me a couple weeks before our wedding day (yes, she remembered our wedding day!) as a reminder to bring the bands in for cleaning and inspection prior to our destination wedding. WHAT??? Is she my maid of honor?? She’s amazing. I also text her back asking for a surprise engraving 10 days before our wedding and she got it done right away.

Shop local, its SO worth it. Thank you Leslie and ER Sawyer, you are our jeweler for life and we have been recommending you to everyone!

Larry Gilbert P. –  Petaluma, CA

12/18/15 – Such a nice, tidy store tucked away in 4th Street–a pleasant surprise.  I recently visited this shop to have a gold signet ring engraved–or should I say re-engraved.  I was assisted by Morgan, a quite knowledgeable young lady who helped me with font selection and gave me valuable advice about what I could expect re machine engraving vs. hand-engraving.  She and Leslie did an excellent job for me and were communicative, cheerful and enthusiastic.  These are the kinds of things that will keep me coming back in the future.

Carina M. – San Francisco, CA

10/14/14 – Fantastic service and knowledgeable team! I had to get my ring sized down (2 whole sizes wowza) and i needed it the SAME day!

They came through, and provided great service along the way! I highly recommend this team and store!

Tiffanie H. – Santa Rosa, CA

5/14/15 – I had a jeweler that designed both my engagement ring and my wedding ring. My husband reached out to him to get great quality diamonds. For this I appreciate him however for maintenance, repair and service that is not exactly the type of person that is easily attainable. Today I noticed a very big problem with my wedding ring as the prong on my diamond was completely pulled back. I had 3 loose stones of my 18 stones. I looked on Yelp to find a great jeweler and found ER Sawyer with all 5 star reviews. I have been referred to another one but not only were they opened later but they did not have as many reviews as ER Sawyer. When I called it was 30 minutes before they open and I called anyways, someone picked up the phone and spoke with me about what was going on with my ring. Not only was she polite but she told me to come on in before they even opened. I came in and was impressed at the service before I even got there. Hey took my ring and put it under a magnifying glass with a large digital screen so I could see what it was that they were talking about. I didn’t have to wonder or think that they were pulling my leg on anything because I could see it. She showed me what was wrong and what they were going to do to fix it and how I can better take care of it. Since I was there and I wear all my jewelry all the time I had some loose clasps on my other jewelry. I went ahead and dropped them off as well because they have three jewelers on site they are able to get everything done for my ring and other stuff today. That’s great so I will have all my jewelry back for my 3 day weekend with my husband. I give them 5 stars and would refer them to anyone.

Seth B. – Santa Rosa, CA

7/14/15 – This place lives up to the reviews, I was very impressed. Because of my work schedule I didn’t have much time to shop for my wife’s birthday, and I wanted to get her a locket engraved with a B and a picture of our son inside. I fully expected not to get it in time for her birthday, due to my lack of planning. I believe I worked with Alfredo, although I am terrible with names, and they where able to get a locket, engrave it, put the pictures in for me, help me pick out a chain, and wrap it up within one day! And it came in well under my projected budget. I was very happy with ER Sawyer, and will definitely return.

Tina C. – Santa Rosa, CA

11/24/15 – The Valley Fire in Lake County on September 12th, 2015 was an awful experience for so many people including my family. We thought we’d lost everything. The day we sifted our home we found my grandmothers wedding ring, inside a ring box that was inside another box. More than likely the only reason is survived. It looked like it had been to hell and back. I had no reason to believe it would ever been worn again until Doug and his amazing team took charge. I will post a photo of before and after. The photo will speak volumes. Thank you E.R Sawyer Jewelers for being THE place to take my grandmother ring. You are my jewelry from now on.

Matt C. – Rohnert Park, CA

9/21/13 – I can’t say enough good things about this business. Right after DOMA’s repeal, my partner and I put it into high gear to put together a wedding. We did not have a lot of money to spend on rings and were worried we would not find anything. We even considered just going to a stand in the mall (shudder)

Enter Leslie. We sheepishly walked in, and she made us feel so comfortable and she was so warm. We looked at a wide range of rings in our price range, and after much flutter, ended up picking the same design. They were custom made and could not be more beautiful. Never once did we feel pressured to spend beyond our range.

Leslie, you made this potentially anxiety provoking situation something exciting, fun and sacred.

This is what good business is.

Janine C. – Napa, CA

6/20/14 – I saw that they could do engravings so I was interested. After some debate on what i wanted to do, i decided to take a watch. It was done within a week before i turned it over and the engraving was perfect! Plus Starla was very helpful and ensured me that the watch would be taken care of. No doubt when i finally picked up the watch it was perfect. It was so perfect i wish i had bought it for me instead. Haha. THANK YOU ER SAWYER JEWELERS & STAFF

Anthony A. – Sebastopol, CA

3/9/15 – Starla was amazing!  She helped my fiance and I pick out rings, and got them to us way before our ceremony!  Highly recommend this company.  Her attention to detail is great, and the follow through on the promises is beyond amazing! I will definitely send people here, and will come back in the future.

 Sabrina P. – Sonoma, CA

11/7/14 – I walked in there thinking that the jewelry store might have been too fancy for me. It was quite fancy but their prices were fair and their service was excellent. I live in Sonoma but will drive all the way to Santa Rosa to keep getting a great experience.

Bethany J. – Santa Rosa, CA

6/3/14 – I recently moved to Santa Rosa and needed to find a good jeweler as I wanted to have my bands soldered together with my engagement ring because they kept moving. I called a few places then decided on ER after chatting with Casey. She was very friendly and easy to work with and the best part is they turned the project around in only 4 days. Most places were over a week. My ring was returned perfectly and so much more sparkly than it was.

Eric V. – Sonoma, CA

7/13/15 – My wife and I had our wedding rings designed 14 years ago, and Doug and the team have provided us with great service from a graduation gift for my son to my Bulova watches.  The team at ER Sawyer is always friendly and helpful and they have actual goldsmiths on site 6 days a week.   I am a customer for life!

Jess P. – Healdsburg, CA

12/26/12 – E.R. Sawyers is the BEST!!! My love and I had our rings done for our wedding (and my engagement ring) there. Doing and Ame are fantastic! Nate, he is a real gem 😉

Our special day was a Christmas dinner surprise and the team did everything in their power to help us keep the secret! The expedited our rings, spent countless hours on prep AND Ame even dressed me up in beautiful earrings, a bracket and a right hand ring to wear for the big day! Talk about feeling like a superstar.

When we went in today to thank them for ALL of their hard work and letting us barrow the jewels (and trusting us with them!! There’s not many places that would do that, ever. That’s family owned!) they were just as happy for us as we were to be married!

If I needed any swaying at all for a place I’d buy my Jewelry

M B. – Cotati, CA

3/13/15 – My husband bought me the most beautiful vintage ring I have ever seen for Christmas this year.  My son also bought his girlfriend a gorgeous promise ring at the same time. 2 lucky girls :).  My husband was very impressed with service, selection and loved shopping here.  We love our rings and they have made a customer for life.

Arlen K. – Healdsburg, CA

8/21/15 – great assistance from Alexis…really took alot of time with us and she was generous with her vast, knowledge and best of all,  fun to work with. everyone in the shop was helpful and easy to work with. high quality jeweler. i will return., it’s here for sure (which I did already know because I do love the people ;))

Nate, Doug and Ame: THANK YOU so much, you made our day! It truly was magnificent and everything you did, made it!

Sara W. – Livermore, CA

9/27/12 – The fiance and I decided to check this place out based on a recommendation by some close friends who had just bought the guy’s wedding band here. since we were up that way we wanted to see what they’re talking about since at some point we need to get His band 🙂

walked in one Saturday afternoon and they looked busy, good sign. the place looked nice and inviting, not too many sales people, phew.  with lots of good lighting.  we were greeted instantly by Judy who inquired about our visit and took us to the guys wedding band section… she was very helpful and listened to everything we had to say to help us figure out what we did/didn’t like.

never at any point did we feel pressured to buy; i’m sure it helped we mentioned we hadn’t looked at wedding bands yet at all, but still it was appreciated.  we learned a wealth of knowledge during our visit about the different metals, finishes, widths, etc. to wedding bands.  Judy was so helpful and informative, we spent damn near an hour in there looking at bands…naturally i was curious about a band for me!  so i tried some on too 🙂

his/her rings were a bit more expensive then what i expected (this coming from the girl who’d only looked at Costco and ShaneCo, lol) …also HIS exact ring isn’t available to try, we have to order it so it’s a gamble to order.  overall a great experience, no wonder my friends got the guys ring here!!

Jennifer S. – Santa Rosa, CA

2/14/12 – First off this Jewelers is the bomb!! Second Starla is the best of the best! She really knows what she is doing and gets things done lightning fast. I love the store and the staff…..I will never go to another Jewelry store EVER thanks to Starla!!

Diane M. – Santa Rosa, CA

8/6/13 – Sawyer’s is the best, with fabulous jewelry, a friendly staff, and great jewelry repair. In the midst of things few can afford is a smattering of affordable pieces that will make anyone smile. It’s a place to dream and a great store to buy something special for yourself or a loved one.

Ryan C. – Santa Rosa, CA

8/29/13 – Nate was the man! I was looking for the perfect ring for my fiance and he listened to me and my wants and found me just what I wanted and more importantly my now wife loves the ring. I recommend everybody go to E.R. Sawyer if you want a great experience with amazing jewelry.

Kim A. – Cotati, CA

8/3/13 – So 2 days before I was supposed to leave for Maui I decided to clean my engagement and wedding bands and some other jewelry before we left. Unfortunately after cleaning them in a ultrasonic I noticed that one of the smaller diamonds on the side of the ring had dislodged! I called up E.R. Sawyer Jewelers and asked if they would be able to reset the diamond before my trip. Initially the girl I had spoken with said they were about a week out for projects but she said she would ask the goldsmith. He was not only able to do it the same day but had it done in a couple of hours! My ring looks amazing and brand new! They even steam cleaned my wedding band while I waited to pick up the engagement ring! I highly recommend them, their staff is courteous and professional and they are super accommodating!

Robert G. – Santa Rosa, CA

1/1/14 – Thank you for everything Leslie!!!  You took great care of my fiance (at the time) and I when we were looking for the perfect ring.  This was a very nerve-racking endeavor at first and I appreciate how you made us comfortable and answered all of our questions.

Jen F. – Santa Rosa, CA

7/9/13 – My fiance had my engagement ring set here and they did an amazing job! I have gone in a few times since to have my ring sized and to look at wedding bands. Both times Leslie has been incredibly nice and helpful. I can often be indecisive and she was patient and happy to help me make a decision. When I took my ring in to have it sized, I dropped it off at 11 and they called at 2 to tell me it was done. I was impressed with the speed and quality of work they did. It was spectacular. They have a new client for life.

M J. – Santa Rosa, CA

5/21/11 – My wedding ring needed to be resized.  I did some research and found ER Sawyer is the only jeweler in town that is part of the American Gem Society.  My husband and I didn’t feel comfortable to leave it with just ANY jeweler (especially since my husband put in quite a bit of money for it).  It gave me confidence that I was giving my ring to a jeweler that adheres to an ethical standard and that I know they will do the work right.

Judy was very helpful.  After she measured current ring size and put in the work order, she took the time to answer all my questions and show me some pieces they offer.  It also gave me a chance to get to know and see for myself why the other yelpers gave this place positive reviews.  I had a pleasant experience just to even browse around this store and not feel pushed to buy.

I received the ring about a week and a half later.  The ring fits beautifully and looks perfect!  I’m happy I can start wearing it again.  I would definitely come here again in the future.  (Maybe I’ll convince my husband to get my engagement ring re-set here for our wedding anniversary… wink wink).

Christine C. – Santa Rosa, CA

1/12/14 – I LOVE THIS PLACE!!! I just got engaged on xmas and came in to have my ring changed a bit and sized,I have no idea about what size,what look etc and leslie the lady who helped me made me feel SO comfortable and at ease I wont go anywhere else now,THANK!!!

Ann M. – San Francisco, CA

3/16/10 – yay for ER Sawyer Jewelers!  I’ve been trying to get my engagement ring appraised as it’s been passed down from my fiance’s great-aunt.  I’ve had no luck finding a shop that would do an independent appraisal, until today!  The other stores could do it if they were doing the sizing, but they couldn’t if they weren’t, as the stone is already mounted.  ER Sawyer, however, *is* able to appraise it while it’s mounted, and all their people are GIA-certified.

And yay for Starla there!  She assured me that they have the tools and expertise to do this.  She was great, very friendly and professional.  She wrote a receipt for me that included a description of my ring, including a rough pre-appraisal guess-timate of the ring’s value for insurance purposes in case anything happened to it before I could get it back.  Additionally, she let me know that because my ring is older, its prongs had worn down a bit and were loose.  They can touch up the tips of the prongs and make sure the center stone is secure.

They’re also giving my ring a complimentary polish.  One more time- yay for ER Sawyer Jewelers for their great customer service and capability.

Sheldon D. – Santa Rosa, CA

9/11/13 – Sawyers is the best!  I will not go to another jeweler.  Leslie was perfect. She is very knowledgeable and took as much time as I needed to help educate me on all things related to the ring selection process.  The end result was a ring that my fiancé loves.  The experience has made me  a lifetime loyal customer.

Samanta V. – Petaluma, CA

6/28/08 – If you want quality, service and an amazing experience when shopping for Jewerly, this is the place to go.

The staff is amazing, and can work with just about any budget. They are creative, and really listen to the needs of the customer, and aren’t just there to sell you a piece of metal.

I have bought many pieces from there, as well as used them for service and have never had a bad experience.  I will treasure every piece of jewerly I own from them for a life time.

Jane Quynh H. – Burlingame, CA

10/20/11- If I could give E.R. Sawyer infinite stars, I would!  My fiance and I came here to pick out my engagement ring a while back and we could not be happier with the ring.

I am a picky girl and the owners were so patient with me. When it came time to pick out the diamonds, I left the store. But they worked with my fiance to pick out the right diamonds and I could not be happier with my ring. The added bonus is that they carry Hearts on Fire diamonds and they are absolutely worth it. I can go for weeks without cleaning my ring and my Hearts on Fire diamonds still give a lot of sparkle.

I will always go to E.R Sawyer for all of my jewelry needs!

Tina C. – Petaluma, CA

10/25/11 – I had a watch restored for my husband for our 10 year anniversary, and the folks at E.R. Sawyer were great! They made sure I had the watch back in time for the big day, and that it was cleaned, working perfectly and beautifully engraved.

I also had a ring sized there recently, and they did a great job.

Lorie S. – Castro Valley, CA

11/25/12 – My fiance and I visited ER Sawyer to search for my engagement ring at my friend Lorelei’s recommendation.
Judy worked with us to find exactly the ring styling and stone to meet our criteria – she listened to our wants and kept within our budget -my ring is beautiful and unique!
We were so impressed with the professional and courteous service which Judy provided that we returned to Sawyer for both wedding bands – And again Judy assisted to find designs with which we are so pleased.
When I had to get my engagement ring resized Judy assisted me to determine the correct sizing and even got the ring completed ahead of estimate.
I returned to Judy for accessory pieces to complement my bridal dress. Judy introduced  me to the freshwater pearl designs from Honora. I selected a set of stack bracelets which looked beautiful with my dress!
Have since purchased from Judy two Honora freshwater pearl necklaces – they pair with my stack bracelets and are a great look with any outfit.
Sawyer’s is absolutely worth the drive from Castro Valley…we love the personal service which Judy provides and appreciate our time in wine country!

Bryan F. – Santa Rosa, CA

12/20/09 – Doug and his team are TOP NOTCH Jewelry professionals.  I was looking for the best for my future Fiance and discovered just that, Hearts on Fire and ER Sawyer Jewelers.  Hearts on Fire states that is the worlds most perfectly cut diamond.  You would expect the Jeweler who carries such a high end diamond to be equally matched….And I am happy to say that, Wow!  What a team of professionals.  Every person on staff greets you with a smile and great customer service.  Thanks ER Sawyer Jewelers, you made me look like a Rock Star to my Fiance. (Get it, Rock star!)

Lorenzo L. – Santa Rosa, CA

6/27/12 – they tell you what they will do with your jewelry repairs and then they just do it.  this is a rarity in the jewelry biz as i’ve been burned before.  not these guys.  they can be trusted.


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