Jewelry Redesigning

Redesign Jewelry Just for You

E.R. Sawyer Jewelers can make your valuable jewelry young again! Our redesign services can take your existing metals and gems and make something new for you at a fraction of the cost of buying a new piece.  We can show you an exact replica of what your new piece will look like prior to starting the process, and our quality craftsmanship and painstaking attention to detail will ensure that you will be thrilled with your redesigned piece of jewelry.

We have helped hundreds of people repurpose and redesign existing jewelry that they have inherited or been given, and no longer wear. We will work with you to retain the sentimental value while creating a piece that suits your style.

We understand it is hard to put such a valuable piece into someone else’s hands but our team of talented designers and expert goldsmiths have unsurpassed skills, knowledge and experience.

We can also help breathe new life into old treasures for future generations to enjoy.

Contact us to arrange a personal design meeting and watch us turn your imagination into reality.

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For over 140 years, the Van Dyke Family has served the jewelry needs of Sonoma County. So when you need assistance selecting a one-of-a kind engagement ring, repairing a family heirloom, or choosing a new time piece, turn to the experienced E.R. Sawyer Jewelers team for help.